When was the last time you sent a postcard?

Post cards have always played an important part in my world, my Mother and I would often send each other postcards from vacations we took or exhibitions we would go to, it was our small tradition.

With the project I aim to collect as many postcards from around the world for her. Im reaching out to everyone for help. All you need to do is send a postcard on the back, make a list of your top three favorite things you love or love doing in the part of the world you live.

The reason this project has come about is that three years ago my Mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The last few years have been hard as Ive watched a strong woman fight against this consuming disease. Despite her best efforts the cancer has slowly worked its way round her body and recently developed into a large tumor in the centre of her brain.

She is about to undergo her final round of treatment. The treatment will leave her exhausted and unable to travel for the remainder of her time.

She has always been a woman who loved to travel around the world, seeing new things and meeting new people. This project aims to give her a chance to see and learn about the people and places that she did not get a chance to see and will not get a chance to meet.

All postcards received will be uploaded to the website so you too can meet and go round the world with her.

It is just one small gesture for a woman who it will mean the world too…. Marianne Houghton I wish you were here.